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Real-time tracking of click and conversion results from search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email, paid search, and online media campaigns is essential to your online marketing success. It can translate into huge savings by minimizing waste spent on non-performing click throughs and placements and boost ROI by focusing your money on your successful components. Sexton and Company's tracking technology provides easy-to-read reports that display key results.


However, most importantly with Sexton & Company you have a team dedicated to analyze the reports, provide you with recomendations for change and the capability to modify web content to capitalize on the analysis. The web changes constantly and your web marketing strategy is a living document that changes based upon the analysis of your past performance. The difference with the web is that we are talking real time real time results and the need to change in real time.


Typically we like to develod a baseline report on your company before we do anything to it. This serves as a measurement tool to measure the effectiveness or our online marketing programs for the future. When key components are completed, we develop reference points to measure the success of these individual campaign items. The key is to track, analyze, modify and then do it all over again, and again, and again!


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